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Fellowships & Awards


NTT Fellowship Award
The NTT Fellowship Award funds a finance junior faculty member for one semester, allowing time off from teaching to devote to their research.  At the end of this time period, the recipient will present their research results to finance faculty and doctoral students at an annual NTT Fellowship dinner.

Indrajit Mitra, NTT Fellowship Award 2017-18 
 Indrajit Mitra is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Ross School of Business.
 His research interests cover theoretical and empirical topics in finance and macro-economics. 
 Indrajit holds a PhD in theoretical Physics from Princeton University, and a PhD in Finance   from MIT. 

Past Recipients - NTT Fellowship (2005-2017)

Stefan Zeume 2016-17
Serhiy Kozak, 2015-16 
Cindy Soo, 2014-15 
Martin Schmalz, 2013-14 
Ing-Haw Cheng, 2012-13 
Denis Sosyura, 2011-12 
Ran Duchin, 2010-11 
Amy Dittmar, 2009-10
Francisco Palomino, 2008-09
Kenneth Ahern, 2007-08
Lu Zhang, 2007-08
Amiyatosh Purnanandam, 2006-07
Clemens Sialm, 2006-07
Haitao Li, 2006-07
Jagadeesh Sivadasan, 2006-07
Lu Zheng, 2005-06

Mitsui Life Doctoral Award
The Mitsui LIfe Doctoral Award recognizes the achievements of outstanding PhD students in the area of finance. PhD students are eligible for either "Best 1st Year Overall Academic Performance" or "Best 2nd Year Overall Performance" and will receive a cash award.  The recipients are honored at the annual PhD Luncheon

George Malikov, Mitsui Life PhD Award, 2nd Year, 2017
George Malikov was awarded the Mitsui Life Award for the best overall performance in his second year as a PhD student in finance at Ross. 

Mitsui Symposium Best Discussant Award
Two awards are presented for best discussion ($2500 each) at the annual Mitsui Finance Symposium.  Awards are based on the anonymous votes of the symposium participants at the end of the final session. 

Luke Taylor, Assistant Professor of Finance,University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, and Ashwini Agrawal, Associate Professor of Finance, London School of Business, were awarded this honor at the 27th Mitsui Symposium held May 2017.

Past Recipients - Doctoral Awards (2012 - 2016)

Zhengyang Xu, 2016 (2nd year)
Yan Zhen, 2015 (1st year)
Yifei Wang, 2015 (2nd year)
Yifei Wang, 2014 (1st year)
Rahul Chhabra, 2013 (1st year)
Bret Herzig, 2013 (2nd year)
Bret Herzig, 2012 (1st year)
Sahil Raina, 2012 (2nd year)