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Mitsui Finance Symposium - Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Symposiums provide a venue for renowned researchers to present new and developing research in a setting conducive to intellectual exchange and collaboration. Most recent topics explored are Financial Intermediaries and Markets, Non-Standard Beliefs and Preferences: Implications for Firms and Markets, Labor and Finance, Financial Market Implications of the Macroeconomy, Governance and Markets and Financial (In)Stability.

30th Mitsui Finance Symposium - Asset Pricing 
June 6, 2019 - Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, MI

28th Mitsui Finance Symposium - Labor and Corporate Finance 
June 7, 2018 - Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, MI

Mitsui Finance Symposium - Tokyo, Japan
Conferences are held every eighteen months, and address emerging issues of importance to policy makers and provide Japanese practitioners life-long business education on an international stage. Some of the topics that have been addressed in the past include corporate growth through M&As, corportate goverance and sustainable performance, abenomics, and Japan's public pension reform.

29th Mitsui Finance Symposium - Monetary Easing of Abenomics and Negative Interest Rates 
September 6, 2018 - Tokyo, Japan

26th Mitsui Finance Symposium - Challenge of Japan's Public Pension Reform - Unification of the Public Pension Plans and New System of Asset Management
August 1, 2016, Tokyo, Japan

Mitsui Life Finance Seminars
Mitsui Life Finance Seminars bring to campus distinguished speakers from academia and business to share their views and working knowledge with Michigan students and faculty.  Seminars are held on Fridays during the academic year.

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Cultural and Educational Exchanges
Cultural and educational exchanges between our visiting research scholars and faculty, students, and staff, serve to increase mutual understanding between our country and theirs, as well as provide opportunities to pursue research collaboration within the Ross community.


Mitsui Center Summer School on Structural Estimation in Corporate Finance
Held every other year. The goal of this four-day program is to teach young scholars the tools they need to understand and conduct corporate finance research using structural estimation. The target audience is advanced Ph.D. students and junior faculty in finance and related fields. We will take a practical, hands-on approach that focuses on tools. Topics will include numerical methods for solving models, simulation estimators, identification challenges,and a review of the literature. Participants will attend lectures for the first half of each day, then spend the second half applying the material to a mini-research project. The project involves solving and estimating a simple dynamic model. By end of the week, participants will have done structural estimation, and they will leave with computer code they can use in their future research. 


Corporate Governance Survey in Japan
Japan Corporate Governance Research Institute (JCGR) has been conducting corporate governance surveys for companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2002. In this survey,JCGR sends a questionnaire to the CEO of the all listed companies, and evaluates the corporate governance of the responding companies individually based on the returned response. JCGR reports the list of all responding companies and the list of top 50% companies as well as statistics of total responding companies. The Mitsui Life Center provides full support and funding for this study.

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Finance Reading Groups
Finance reading groups provide an opportunity for small groups of faculty and doctoral students to read and discuss theoretical and empirical papers of interest. These reading groups foster collegial interaction and a sense of intellectual rigor and excitement. 

Readings groups meet every Monday from 12 - 1:30 pm. Topics alternate weekly between Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing.  Lunch is provided.

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Collaborative Research
Collaborative research projects are currently taking place with the Law School; with faculty and practitioners in Germany, China, and Korea; and in Japan and India through the funding support of ongoing corporate governance surveys.

Central to our mission is the ability to perform quality research that will make a positive impact in business thought and practice. The finance faculty, doctoral students, research fellows, and visiting scholars are engaged in researching a wide range of financial themes, including Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Social Capital, Financial Intermediation, Market Microstructure, and Real Estate.

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